Sunday, December 28, 2008

Terrific Day Skiing

Conditions at Elm Creek were better than expected! Thanks groomers!

Friday, December 26, 2008


I'm watching the warm weather destroy the perfect skiing conditions set up a week ago. Looking at the forecast, it's not going to get better in the foreseeable future. Well, it's not going to get me down. Today, I create my 2009 training plan, based largely on my 2008 plan. My main goals are to have a less embarrassing showing in my age group in the MNSCS series, and to reach my genetic potential in the Cheq' 40 (if I get in). I want to finish that beast in a time that I can never match again, no matter how hard I try. Side goals are to keep having fun, get on a team, eat well, and to keep kicking ass in fantasy football.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cool mayor!

Mayor R.T. posted a nice summary of the conditions on the city of lakes loppet trail. I noticed earlier in the year he posted an impessive time in the canoe leg of the tri loppet. What's next???

Winter Fun

We went up to Washburn this past weekend. We had a chance to ski Mt. Valhalla out in the National Forest. The snow was super deep and the groomers were not exactly keeping up. There was around a foot of snow on the grooming equipment. The five of us of very wide ranging abilities had tons of fun blazing a trail. Next time, I'd like to explore more of that same trail.

Back home, yesterday, I went out to Hyland Park Reserve in Bloomington. That was fun. I went alone and tried to keep a steady pace with my heart rate around 150. The trail was uncrowded between the main challet and the nature center. I even saw a few deer. I did the loop 4 times in a discouragingly long amount of time. The temperature was around 20 F, and I was using CH6 and blue extra.