Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonderful, Wonderful Taxes

We overpaid the taxes by a lot. Half of the refund is kind of looking like a cyclocross bike.

Something tough like this?

Salsa La Cruz is interesting for its 135mm rear hub spacing, disk breaks, and other MTB parts.  It seems like it would be on the heavy and slow side.  It would be compatible with parts I already have, which is nice

Something fast like this?
I might not loose my ass so much in the fall CX cat 4 races with a real competition bike like this.  Something with an AL frame and a carbon fork around, say, 19 lb. would be very quick.  Not as tough for trail riding, though.

Monster cross?

Build up a Karate Monkey or Cross-Check into something like this?  This bike oozes "cool".

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