Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Opus Criterium Spectating

I can't legitimately call this a "Crit" since I never raced one. I rode over to Hopkins yesterday to check out the Tuesday Night Worlds. Coming over there I started having these inklings of putting myself in the Cat 5 race. Trouble is I was on my 'cross bike with about 20 psi in the tires (tubeless knobbies). I got over there, and got my pump out and started pumping away. In doing that, I managed to completely flat my rear tire some how. I didn't race, but I took some photos with my camera phone ...

I got home just fine after borrowing a real pump from a racer. Thanks!

Some time soon I'm going to plan things a little better and hit this race. Also newly added to the calendar is the May 8 race at Hillside in Elk River. Cheers and happy tax day! (blech)

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