Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nice day for a ride

So there I was rolling along Bren Rd., going past Lone Lake park in Hopkins or Minnetonka or something, when I saw it. A huge freakin' coyote! Make sure you keep Fluffy and Mittens in the house or supervised!

Other than that I had an uneventful pleasant ride out to Orono and back.


Bloody P said...


Just picked up an old Trek "Mountain Track 800" at the local thrift store today for $5.00. Really nice shape. I hope to hit the trails on the Horicon Marsh tomorrow.

JDA said...

Noice! Ride that thing lots, and bring it up to Washburn for homecoming.

Bloody P said...

I will, but you'll kick my ass. Took it out yesterday for an hour after walking the Marsh with the fam.

I can't walk today.