Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow Baby, Snow!

I'm looking out at my neighbor's porch light seeing some determined flakes coming down. I want some nice conditions when I return for my beating at Elm Creek this Wednesday. What I really want is good conditions for the City of Lakes Loppet. I'll be touring with my wife at the Luminary Loppet and racing the next day in the classic race. I don't know that classic skiing is the best off-season training for mountain bike racing. I'm guessing skate skiing emphasizes the legs more. More and more, I get the feeling my upper body is doing most of the work. At Elm Creek, as I progress with my skiing skill, I do more and more double poling. I can go nearly all the way around the snow making loop that way. I think the main thing is to get that heart pumping at 150 rpm. I would probably wreck myself skate skiing anyway.

I see the flakes have turned to freezing rain. Do they make klister for mountain bike tires?

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