Monday, February 16, 2009


This time of year, a bike rider around this area will inevitably ride past some outdoor hockey games.  This got me thinking:  "Hey, don't you have a working computer now?  And hasn't it been, like, 3 weeks since you updated your fantasy team?"  When I went to update my roster, to my surprise, I jumped up to 3rd place out of 8 from second to last.  Having Ovechkin will do that for a person.  

I'm currently watching the Rangers vs. Blues on Vs.  Looking for some Tour De Cali coverage, I found this and ate mass quantities of pizza to it.  Close to the second intermission was an awesome fight:  Janssen (Blues) vs. Voros (Rangers).  Janssen handily beat down Voros in front of his home crowd, and the Blues proceeded to score a few minutes later.  As a friend of mine says - it doesn't go on the scoreboard, but it matters who wins the fight.  Also, you need to mind your manners when a 210 lb. forward is on the ice.

There might fewer serious road rage incidents if fighting was allowed in driving.  Someone cut you off?  Pull over and fight it out!  Of course this means I'm going to have to get someone big to carpool with.

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