Saturday, February 14, 2009

The iPhone as a bike computer

I wanted to check the wheel diameter setting on my bike computer.  So I used the GPS feature on my phone to map my commute.  It appeared to go well, until ...

So instead of being 13.5 miles like I thought, the phone says I rode 17 miles!  I rule.  My battery was half drained when I got to work.  I don't think this device is a legit replacement for a Garmin, yet.  For now, my taped on watch device will have to do.

I watched Klunkerz on Netflix today.  It was great for me to see, but I don't see anyone that's not into biking liking it too much.  


Repack Rider said...

Interesting thing about "Klunkerz" is that according to many people who have commented on it online over the last year or so, people (like non-cycling wives and girlfriends) who are not into biking seem to find it just as fascinating as the people who are into biking find it.

If you liked "Klunkerz," you will certainly appreciate my website.

JDA said...

Thanks, maybe you're right. The club scene shifting to the commercial world story-line is pretty universal, and very well told in this movie.