Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I mostly got everything race related in my initial post. I would like to add that Mylie Cyrus makes much better psych-up music than the death metal I hear pumping from most cars in the race parking lot. I rode from mpls to 'kato listening to K-dweeb. A couple notes: Usher has given up. His new stuff is pretty plain (OMG). Beyonce is both highly fine and highly musical. Lady Gaga is highly crazy and a Madonna wannabe.

My shifting is still frustrating. I spent about an hour trying to figure it out tonight to no avail. There seems to be a lot of friction in the cables. Shifting up the cassette takes about as much effort in the thumb as twisting off a beer cap. My front shifting is still solid, so I have 3 speeds, at least.

Cheers, y'all.


4luvandlife said...

Maybe try new cable and cable housing?

JDA said...

D, that was exactly it. FYI, the HiFi has some pretty long cable housings. Both XTR and Jagwire kits were inadequate for the whole job. Had to settle for just replacing the rear, but now everything is happy again!